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Get Back The iOS14™ Audience Interests That Facebook™ Took Away From You

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An Overview Of What You Will Learn

This is just a weeee little peek behind the curtains of the topics I will go over...

How To Get Back Sniper Level iOS14™ Interest Targeting


While Facebook (...and other platforms) may have taken away your ability to target users based on specific interests, new methods have come out on how to access not only all of those prior interests and audiences, but entirely new hidden audiences with even more granular segmenting for achieving sniper level targeting and as a result, significantly higher ROAs for less ad spend! 🤩

The "Campaign Eclipse" Method


This simple method drastically will improve the performance of both your cold and retargeting ads by improving the top of funnel display algorithm. It uses Facebook's own AI to get rid of targeting junk or low quality profiles of your least likely buyers. From bots to accidental clicks and non-buyers.

How To Get HUGE Refunds From Bot Traffic & Click Fraud


Tired of getting low quality clicks? Watching the visitors hit the website and immediately bounce and use up your ad spend? Whether you are using Facebook, Google, or other platforms I will be going over how you track bots and click fraud, in order to submit claims and earn huge refunds on your spend

How To Prevent Campaign Decay & Rising CPA Costs


Nothing is more frustrating that seeing your ad costs rising week over week for no reason. Great creative, ads with tons of social proof, or top audiences are no longer converting and you're pulling your hair out. Well... I'll be covering the top three reasons this happens, how to prevent them, and I can promise you that one of these reasons, you have likely never heard of before...

The "Four Square" Method & Software Tools

Page Level Optimization

One of the craziest things I have run into, when it comes to marketing is that companies rarely ever segment their target demographics when it comes to landing page content and messaging. Not only will I show you the best way to do this, but I'll show you unique software tools that not only make this easier, but will also will help improve your conversions as a result

...and so much more!

Oh... and PS - I'll be going over a secret Black Friday strategy

Are Rising Ad Costs Eating Up Your  Profits?

Isn't it incredibly frustrating how much time and attention ad campaigns take up? Only then to painfully endure terrible customer support, seemingly spontaneous ad account suspensions, and unexpected changes to the ad platforms 😢

Changes, that always seem to make it more and more expensive to target your ideal customers, by taking away interests, ability to narrow audiences, or even properly pixel traffic! 🤬👎 about obstacles! 

...but don't lose faith!

In this live masterclass, I'll be teaching you how to overcome all of these obstacles, in an easy step by step over the shoulder walkthrough and presentation! 

...and no, this isn't like any other marketing masterclass you've attended, the concepts I will be going over will not only drastically improve your ad campaign results, but likely be unheard of concepts you've never heard of or learned from any other course!


😁 Well...because I'm not just a marketer, I'm also a programmer, and have spent the last 14 years reverse engineering almost every marketing algorithm I came across in order to give my clients an edge, while running millions in monthly ad spend!

When the stakes are that high, even the slightest optimization matters, so I became obsessed with finding all the methods that enabled me to gain sniper level accuracy when it came to pin pointing our client's potential customers. 

This masterclass is a summary of 14 years worth of best practices, strategies, software tools, and systems!

What clients have said about me...

"...he taught me the ropes and gave me the confidence to go out on my own and since then I've been able to help over 100 brands with their internet marketing and I couldn't have done it without Joe Lazukin"

Matt S


"...we implemented his pixel script on time intervals and that **** works. Two of the coolest things we've seen happen... we've cut our cost per lead down by over 50%..."

Will B

Tenzo Tea

" there is out of the box thinkers but there is a whole next level of people who don't go into the box ever for their ideas and I think that's the biggest thing I noticed about Joseph. I think that's so critical not to be fighting in the same plane as everyone else..."

Sean D

Think & Grow Rich : The Legacy

"...honestly it's not very often that I get shocked by the content that is shared by people, not only because he shares strategies that work but because he backs it up with data. So every once in a while I watch a video by him and it blows me away that I never thought about using before or it's something completely brand new..."

David S

Digital Agency Owner

Ready to take action today?

$2,500 $TACOS

If you genuinely watched multiple videos to get to this point - color me impressed! Mention "tacos" in the Live MasterClass for a free gift!

Frequently asked questions

When is this absolutely epic mind blowing masterclass go down?

Haha... corny copy overkill, but at least you know this was written by a human with experience in writing convincing enough copy for you to scroll to the FAQ section which over 90% never make it to on 99% of web pages! Did you know that?

The masterclass is schedule for Sept 22nd at 10am - 2pm PST! 

Congratulations on reaching this section by the way!

You might not know this but from a psychology perspective, analytical buyers who check FAQs are not only informed buyers, but are also curious by nature.

While congratulating you might seem odd, curiosity is king when it comes to advertising, creating compelling out of the box methods that create that unique brand that attract customers in a way that is uniquely, you!

So you are already off to a great start on becoming an epic marketer, pat yourself on the back for taking the first step, and I'll see you at the masterclass!

PS : I talk fast when I'm excited, so have a notepad ready to remember everything! 

(...and it's scientifically proven that you remember more of what you write than type!)

Are there any additional costs?

No, there won't be any "additional" price gated information. There will be multiple software tools that I use that will add onto your marketing costs, but there won't be any additional unexpected costs. The additional offers within the masterclass will include a pre-sell to a software that we've built that automates one of the most tedious strategies, and an opportunity to work with me on a fractional CMO basis.

Oh... and a special referral is going to potentially pay for the entire masterclass for those of you whom have over $100K 

How will the masterclass be hosted?

On Zoom! 

Make sure it's up to date so you don't lose the first 5-10 minutes updating, you never know when I might drop hidden value or surprises on during the LIVE masterclass!

Will there be a replay available?

Yes, but it will be edited and formatted into segments for an evergreen digital product.

Will there be tacos? 🌮 

Of course, if you haven't been following me for years like many who read this, then you don't really understand how much I love tacos 😂 and my clients haven't helped with the addiction, I still haver over $1,800 in taco gift cards from the >$3K clients gave my team as a prank gift.

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