Google PPC Case Study #1



Georgia Tree Company is a disaster mitigation company. They came to us looking to generate more leads online using Google Adwords. This was a very seasonal business with a very competitive market, which provided us with a bit of a challenge.


We quickly found that there are very high CPC’s in this particular market and there are many irrelevant search terms we had to filter out. We segmented the account by device and math types so that right away we could allocate the budget more effectively. We also used Single Keyword Adgroups so we could tailor the ads and landing pages to each keyword. This coupled with continuous A/B testing brought lead costs down significantly.


We were able to bring the lead costs for Georgia Tree Company from $45.50 to $35.27 (22.5%). We were able to bring them a total of 1,704 conversions with only 5.4k adspend. This amounted to 1.5 million dollars in under 48 hours.