$0 To $50K eCom in 30 Days LIVE #eCom2021Challenge

Why learn from a course when you can learn LIVE?

What is the easiest way to learn ANYTHING?

Is it by…

A ) Watching a pre-recorded course?
B ) Following gurus who always post big numbers but never their ad spend or product costs?
C ) Watching a mentor as they do it LIVE, infront of you and being able to ask questions along the way?

Obviously, if you chose anything but C, you probably are not a good fit for this eCom challenge because you do not even understand how hard it is to find information let alone ANYONE honest enough to show you the entire process from $0 to $50K LIVE as they do it, while they do it.

The #eCOM2021Challenge is the most TRANSPARENT and FASTEST way of teaching. Period.



YOU SEE EVERYTHING 🤯 – literally…

  • The Ad Accounts
    • See the REAL actual spend
    • The “How” and “Why” campaigns are setup
    • Split-tests that succeed and which fail (…and learn why they fail)
    • What interests are being targeted
    • How to do research
    • What automated ad rules are being used and why
  • The Ad Creative
    • Which images to use & why
    • How to create your own product shots
    • How to create product videos that sell
    • How to write ad copy that converts (…and also what doesn’t convert)
  • The Products
    • How Much They Actually Cost
    • How Much Shipping Actually Costs
    • Where They Are Sourced
    • How & Why To Choose Them
  • The Branding Process
    • What goes into a name
    • How to design your own logo in under 15 minutes
    • How branding works on social media
  • The Process Of Building Out The eCom Store
    • Writing The Sales Copy
    • Selecting the images
    • Knowing the “Why” and “What” should go where to increase conversions

…and so much more!


What better way is there to learn?

You get to watch us build everything from the brand, to the ads, to the physical website and landing pages all from scratch, as we spend OUR OWN MONEY in attempt to hit $50,000 in 30 Days!

All from the comfort of your own home!

All you have to do is jump online, ready to take notes, and join the LIVE video call every night!

You get to watch dozens of strategies and techniques are put to the test with SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY!

🔥 That is the value of this LIVE case study! 🔥

Here is what you can expect to learn over the 30 Days of this challenge :

 How to pick whitelabel or dropshipping products

 How to build a website that ACTUALLY converts

 How to build a brand from literally nothing

 Facebook™ ads from A – Z (literally every step)

How to do demographic and interest research to identify profitable audiences and demographics

How to setup the Facebook™ Pixel to vastly decrease the cost of running ads by leveraging consumer psychology and custom conversions

How to create customer avatars and write ad copy that increases sales & create image and video advertisements that market match the product to those demographics 💯

How to target influencers and get them to advertise you products for FREE or even pay for the product to advertise for you 🤯

How, why, and when to setup specific retargeting audiences and the reasoning behind several secret retargeting audience techniques

*How to launch Bing™ and Google™ ads and do the research using SEMRush™ to increase profitability prior to  launching a campaign

*How to launch Etsy™, Pinterest™, and Youtube™ ads

…and so much more!


📌 Most Facebook ad courses cost $997-$1997

📌 Most Google ad courses cost $997-$1997

📌 Most Youtube ad courses cost $997

📌 Most Instagram Influencer courses cost $497

📌 Most Etsy courses cost $497

📌 Most Pinterest courses cost $197-297

📌 Most Bing courses? 😂 Well those don’t exist sadly…

📌 Most copywriting courses cost $1997-$10,000

📌 Most funnel building courses cost $497

📌 Most email marketing courses cost $997

…and NONE OF THEM teach it LIVE!!!

 The content they recorded is often OUT OF DATE, they do not show their HONEST results, and the instructors are usually either really hard to get ahold of or they simply just DISAPPEAR!

Unlike the pre-recorded out-of-date information, you get to learn LIVE over 30 days, every day, while being able to ask questions while it happens, as it happens, and get to see everything from A-Z, with responses to questions that are personalized for you 💯



🤔 Now what about the price?

🔥 It will only be $5,000…but there is the catch! 🔥

You can not sign up alone! You must have a partner!

😍 AND YES, $5,000 is the total price for BOTH of you! 😍
( Meaning it is $2,500 each, not a bad deal, right? )

Why so affordable?

…because we have done this 2 years in a row now, and each time we have done it, there are always a few people who pay and then do not implement anything.

We require that you sign up with a partner, because we want you to be successful, and having someone else to hold you accountable for showing up and doing the work by using the information we teach to build your own store is the best way we know to help you succeed!

Support networks matter

Even having just one person, in your corner, learning alongside you can make a world of difference.

✅ The stuff we teach works, there are no shortcuts

So ask yourself, are you ready to learn? To grow?

If so, there is only one thing you need to do!

Answer the question below…

🤔 “Who will take this challenge with you?”

Who do you know that wants to watch it all happen and learn alongside you as we build a million dollar business in front of the both of you over 30 days, LIVE every night?

We all know someone who says they are going to be a “millionaire” some day…

How about we show you how? 😉

📌 Once you find your partner, click below to sign up and get started :

📌 The #eCom2021Challenge will start April 15th, 2021  📌

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 When does it start?
April 15th 2021 

📌 What time are the LIVE video trainings?
8pm PST Monday – Friday

📌 Will there be recordings if I miss a day?
Yes, there will be recordings available during the case study, however after the 30 days of the case study, the recordings will no longer be available as we often will get asked by students like you, for help on your stores and since most people choose to do dropshipping versus print on demand or create their own products, we want to ensure their privacy since dropshipping stores can be cloned very easily.