0 To 50,000 Followers LIVE #YouTube2020Challenge

Why learn from a course when you can learn LIVE?

What is the easiest way to learn ANYTHING?

Is it by…

A ) Watching a pre-recorded course?
B ) Following gurus who always post big numbers but never explain how to duplicate the results?
C ) Watching a mentor as they do it LIVE, infront of you and being able to ask questions along the way?

Obviously, if you chose anything but C, you probably are not a good fit for this YouTube challenge because you do not even understand how hard it is to find information let alone ANYONE honest enough to show you the entire process of growing a channel from 0 to 50,000 subscribers LIVE as they do it, while they do it.

The #YouTube2020Challenge is the most TRANSPARENT and FASTEST way of teaching. Period.



YOU SEE EVERYTHING 🤯 – literally…

  • How I Monetize The Channel To $100,000 in 6 months
    • How I create products that are GUARANTEED to passively sell
    • The science behind writing video descriptions to not only rank but also drive sales
    • Ways to script videos to passively sell and draw attention to the video description
    • Where to find affiliate products to further monetize your channel
    • How to negotiate with businesses to get videos sponsored
  • How To Make Videos Go Viral
    • Understanding the YouTube algorithm and what causes you to rank 1st
    • How to engineer virality by assisting momentum with paid ads
    • Creating engagement incentives that encourage people to share
    • Where to share your videos to get the most organic views every day
    • Learning how to choose which video topics will gain the most traction
  • The Video Creative
    • All about thumbnails and where to source talent to help you
    • Understanding why cutting every 3-7 seconds keeps user interest and helps rank
    • How to create videos that passively sell
    • How to create a system and template to consistently produce content
  • The Systems You Need
    • How to track what is working and what isn’t working
    • What systems can be setup to encourage your following to share your channel for you
    • How to reduce shooting and editing video to ONE HOUR (designed for non-technical people)
    • How to systematically introduce new people to your channel
    • Learn the ways to get major guest speakers to collaborate with you

…and so much more!


What better way is there to learn?

You get to watch me build everything from the creative, to the videos, to the scripts and systems that will help us land paying channel sponsors all from scratch, as we spend OUR OWN MONEY in attempt to hit 50,000 followers$100,000 in 180 Days!

All from the comfort of your own home!

All you have to do is jump online, ready to take notes, and join the LIVE video call every week!

You get to watch dozens of strategies and techniques are put to the test with SOMEONE ELSE’S MONEY and TIME!

🔥 That is the value of this LIVE case study! 🔥

Here is what you can expect to learn over the 180 Days of this challenge :

 How gain followers DAILY while we aim to hit 50,000 subscribers in only 6 months!

 Which systems to setup to make money from your videos

 How to land collaborations with other YouTube celebrities and channels

 What to say and who to talk to land sponsorship deals with popular brands

 The simple 5 step system to researching which video topics are most likely to go viral

How to edit and film videos without getting frustrated, discouraged, or embarrassed

 Where to hire editors to help you reduce the time it takes to create content

 How to write your video descriptions to generate sales even if you do not have a product

 Understanding which niche topics yield the greatest results

*How to gamify the YouTube algorithm to rank videos with a secret “cross pollination” strategy

*Getting to ask other Youtube experts LIVE over Q&As every other month on how they grew and what strategies they used

…and so much more!


📌 Most Facebook ad courses cost $997-$1997

📌 Most Google ad courses cost $997-$1997

📌 Most Youtube ad courses cost $997

📌 Most Instagram Influencer courses cost $497

📌 Most Etsy courses cost $497

📌 Most Pinterest courses cost $197-297

📌 Most Bing courses? 😂 Well those don’t exist sadly…

📌 Most copywriting courses cost $1997-$10,000

📌 Most funnel building courses cost $497

📌 Most email marketing courses cost $997

…and NONE OF THEM teach it LIVE!!!

 The content they recorded is often OUT OF DATE, they do not show their HONEST results, and the instructors are usually either really hard to get ahold of or they simply just DISAPPEAR!

Unlike the pre-recorded out-of-date information, you get to learn LIVE over 180 days, every day, while being able to ask questions while it happens, as it happens, and get to see everything from A-Z, with responses to questions that are personalized for you 💯



🤔 Now what about the price?

🔥 It will only be $5,000…but there is the catch! 🔥

You can not sign up alone! You must have a partner!

😍 AND YES, $5,000 is the total price for BOTH of you! 😍
( Meaning it is $2,500 each, not a bad deal, right? )

Why so affordable?

…because we have been doing these types of case studies for 2 years in a row now, and each time we have done it, there are always a few people who pay and then do not implement anything.

We require that you sign up with a partner, because we want you to be successful, and having someone else to hold you accountable for showing up and doing the work by using the information we teach to build your own store is the best way we know to help you succeed!

Support networks matter

Even having just one person, in your corner, learning alongside you can make a world of difference.

✅ The stuff we teach works, there are no shortcuts

So ask yourself, are you ready to learn? To grow?

If so, there is only one thing you need to do!

Answer the question below…

🤔 “Who will take this challenge with you?”

Who do you know that wants to watch it all happen and learn alongside you as we build a million dollar business in front of the both of you over 180 days, LIVE every night?

We all know someone who says they are going to be a “millionaire” some day…

How about we show you how? 😉

📌 Once you find your partner, click below to sign up and get started :

📌 The #YouTube2020Challenge will start Sept 1st, 2020  📌

( PS : Ever want to be on TV? For the first 5 teams, will be sharing a list of 55,000 press contacts, that you can reach out to and land yourself in major publications which will help your channel and authority grow. PLUS we will include a list of 10 companies that are commonly known to sponsor YouTube videos so you can start monetizing your channel fast! )

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 When does it start?
Sept 1st, 2020 

📌 What time are the LIVE video trainings?
6:30-7:30pm PST  Every Wednesday

📌 Will there be recordings if I miss a day?
Yes, there will be recordings available during the case study, however after the 180 days of the case study, the recordings will no longer be available as we often will get asked by students like you, sensitive questions that about their channels or things that they are building that we want to respect and keep private.

📌 What if I can’t find a friend to sign up with me?
If you absolutely can not find someone to sign up with you, purchase your own challenge pass and once you join the group, post and let us know, and we will pair you with anyone else who may have joined solo.

📌 Do I have to pay $5,000 if I sign up solo?
No, while we strongly recommend signing up with a friend who wants to learn with you, it will only be $2,500 if you want to sign up solo. Once you join we will pair your with someone else (if available) who also signed up solo, to help keep you accountable.