Live Bot Training (Single)


For more details about this live training :

This is an beginner lesson which will enable to create your own trading bot without needing to have ever touched a single line of code previously. This live call will go over the basics from A to Z and include templates to help you jumpstart your own trading bot and enter into the world of quant trading – with over 60% of the market being traded through algorithms, you can not afford to be left behind.

What you will get…
✅ Live 3 hour training call
✅ 3 Basic Trading Bot Templates
✅ Cheatsheet on “Unknown Unknowns” that costed me >$80K to learn the hard way
✅ Live walkthrough of step by step of connecting your bot to live trading
✅ Live 1 hour Q&A going over any questions
✅ Facebook group to chat with other bot algorithm students