SEO Case Study #2


Landscaping Company sees 483% increase in monthly leads with SEO


David and Greg came to me in January 2015 after their leads plummeted due to hiring an digital agency that practiced black hat SEO methods (methods which are directly against Google’s policies) which had caused their site to be penalized by Google, severely lowering their monthly organic traffic. This directly impacted their online leads. With the goal of increasing online leads, converting more sales, and building their online presence utilizing proper SEO and Google compliant strategies.


Our clients teamed up with me for SEO, or search engine optimization, services. The first thing we did was a competitive analysis of the other players in the local market so we could figure out where the biggest opportunities were. After discovering their most lucrative projects and where their competitors were beating them in the search engines, we set to work optimizing those areas. Once we were finished with the first round of optimizations, we optimized all other areas of their online presence, including their local SEO, social media, and directory listings. To solve the slow-season issue, we pushed content to their core audience, building brand awareness and authority so they were consistently top-of-mind.


By completely optimizing their website and capitalizing on peak season keywords, my client has experienced exponential growth in ranked keywords, leads, and sales. They now get as many leads in the off-season as they did in the peak season before they started working with us. 529% increase in organic search traffic (3-year span) 317% increase local organic traffic In 2015 – averaged 12.5 leads per month In 2018 – averaged 80 leads per month