Elevate your growth, business acumen, and conversations with the StartupHabits book club: where success meets literature

What can you expect to learn from the StartupHabits book club?

✅ Networking with other executives and successful business owners
✅ A free exchange of ideas and perspectives on value takeaways from each book at the beginning of every month
✅ Deeper more meaningful conversations on topics that will help you grow both personally and in business
✅ Belonging to part of a  community of growth-minded change makers who are growing alongside you
✅ 4 Quarterly In-Person Experiential Events Per Year

Where you will get to meet in person alongside everyone you’ve been learning and growing with over the year! 

…and so much more!

How does it work?

Let’s keep it simple.

Our goal is to create a community of growth hungry executives and business owners focused on value extraction and deep perspective exchanges, centered around monthly book titles in key areas of business and personal development. This includes but is not limited to, topics on habit formation, communication, psychology, business development structures, self-work and more… this isn’t a book club for the sensitive or the soft hearted, expect deep, meaningful conversations and book titles that will touch on your insecurities and trauma, challenge and reframe your view of the world, enlist a higher calling for your potential, and inspire you to embody new behaviors and systems of how to show up in the world.

If that sounds like a place you belong, keep on reading…

The 1st of every month from 6:30 – 8:00PM PST, will become the most important time block in your calendar every month. That is when the group will meet to learn about the new book of the month, as well as be able to exchange ideas and perspectives in a rapid fire session on key takeaways they have learned from the book. Each call will be structured to ensure every one gets to contribute to the value exchange, and it will be encouraged for members to participate in additional breakout sessions beyond the one group meeting.

These breakout sessions will be  arranged with the help of our book club assistants at the request of members.

Additionally notes will be recorded in text format, filtered for sensitive content, and organized in text format for review at the end of every month so that every member can have a collection of golden nuggets, value, and perspectives on every book for their own personal reference.

The goal of the book club is to elevate discussions, encourage value exchange, free thinking debate and broader coverage of every topic through each of the members in the book club, providing huge value network of perspectives and key takeaways on every book…in other words it’s a big badass bonding sessions amongst people who like to grow and have elevated discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

📌 When does it start?
January 1st, 2023

📌 What time are the LIVE calls?
6:30-8:00pm PST  On The 1st Of Every Month (Will likely run over…)

📌 Will there be recordings if I miss a day?
No, there will not be recordings to protect the privacy of the open discussion had by the other members, which may at times touch on controversial issues, business management styles, communication beliefs, and more…

📌 How will I know which book of the month it is?
On the first of each month, preceding every call, we will share a book that everyone should read that month and it will be sent by both email and SMS to every member.

📌 How are books of the month picked?
Each month there will be a poll sent out via text on the 15th of every month, with an option to vote on the category of next month’s book according to the area you would like to focus on as a group. The top result will be the category of next month’s book selection.

📌 How much is the book club?
The book club is $297 a month which covers the overhead of organizational staff, VAs, operational costs, and the price of hosting as well as organizing four unique experiential events each year for all of our members.

*Too expensive? Keep in mind, the minimum cost to rent a venue is usually $4,000 – 6,000 a year, with over 4 (four) in-person events a year, let alone the cost of AV equipment, curating the experience, catering, and staffing to help ensure everything runs according to plan, the costs will likely exceed or leave little to no margin for organizers. Furthermore the cost to receive consulting  from any of the other members, let alone develop a relationship and spend time with them would far exceed the cost paid for the book club. This book club is being run at “near cost” and will likely increase in the future.

PS : If you are in a state of mental scarcity where the price of belonging to a community focused around growth and value exchange, is intimidating or is the deterring factor against pursuing something you know would likely benefit you, ask yourself, can you really afford not to join?