SEO Case Study #1



Prior to November 2016, our office furniture warehouse client in Maryland had no SEO services or strategy, with a poorly optimized website. With poor usability and little onsite content, our client’s website generated little-to-no leads and was generating 776 organic visits per month prior to the start of our work.


We began our SEO campaign for our client in December of 2016. One of the first things we did was renovate their homepage copy with optimized content, and proper on-page SEO. Followed by site speed optimization, technical optimization, a citation strategy, and the beginning of a content marketing strategy. Prior to signing on for SEO, our client had just 176 words per page and ranked very poorly in comparison to their competitors. Now, after less than two years of content marketing, our client has seen their average word count increase to 742, and we’ve helped them index over 1,200 new pages.


Our content additions and SEO optimizations helped my client increase their rankings to a staggering degree in the past two years. We increased their organic visits from 776 per month, to 3,878, generating a 400% increase in monthly visitors. Our client also saw a massive rise in on-site goal conversions, a 1500% increase.